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What is the Root Chakra?

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Chakras are free flowing energy centers in the body that run from the base of the spine to right above the head. Each chakra represents a key aspect of our life and can help us map what is in alignment in our energy body.

The Root Chakra is the the first of the seven chakra system. It is located at the base of the spine and represents itself on the chakra map as the color red. The Root Chakra is what I like to call the "Flight or Flight" Chakra because it is centered around our survival needs being met. Every living being has certain requirements to feel safe such as money, food, emotional foundation, and community.

When our root chakra is open we feel an inner calmness and strength to withstand adversity and challenges. When this chakra is blocked it can cause anxiety, confusion, worry, depression, fear, physical pain, emotional distress, and psychological imbalances. It has been said that a blocked root chakra can be linked to pelvic floor imbalances, back injuries, bladder/colon problems, eating disorders, and anxiety disorders.

Thought is the cause of creating an imbalance to the chakras so remaining in a witness prospective to our thoughts is the best way to staying in alignment. For example A woman named Susie fixated on recently losing her job and this in turn blocked her Root Chakra. After a week Susie's Root Chakra opened back up because she began to believe that everything would work out, put forth the effort she needed to get a new job, and witnessed her fear instead of being consumed by it. This in turn created a supportive space for more possibilities to open up and she landed a new job position.

Some tips and tricks to help open this chakra is taking walks outside while performing a slow rhythmic breath work, performing self reiki, putting your feet into soil, salt baths, eating some food that feeds your soul, meditation, getting out in nature, and light yoga poses. Once the Root Chakra is balanced it then gives way for all the other chakras to open.

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