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What is the Sacral Chakra?

The Sacral Chakra is the second of the 7 chakra system or energy centers in the body. This chakra is located 2 inches below the belly button and represents the color orange. The Sacral chakra is what connects us to our life purpose and is usually tied with the Heart Chakra.

The Japanese Phrase Hara means ones true nature as a human being. The Hara and the Sacral chakra are one in the same. This chakra connects us to creativity, sexual energy, zest for life, and our emotional connection to others/surroundings.

It is best to invision the Sacral as an electrical outlet where you get plugged into the show of life. When you are plugged in correctly there is an energy flow where you can act out your true nature with ease. If you are not plugged in properly there is little energy for you to function.

When this chakra is open you will radiate joy, effortlessly create, have comfort in sexual expression, and feel generous. When its blocked life gets messy with distress, unwanted habits, disorientation, loss of appetite, depression, and lack of enthusiasm.

Some tips and tricks to keeping this chakra open is giving yourself spaciousness to create, meditate, get out in nature, salt baths, drink lots of water, work on staying in a flow state all day, Reiki, hip opening exercises, dance, and exercise.

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