Reiki By April

By expanding awareness of your energetic body you will increase vitality, peace of mind, and intuitive intelligence. Reiki awakens the healing properties that already exist within you. It is here to rebalance your system to give you clear perception. We as a society have lost touch with nature, our natural healing abilities, and our connection. Lets work together to bring light to what we have lost. April offers Reiki Concierge, Remote Reiki, Remote Certification Courses, Intuitive Readings, and House Clearings. Call Email or Book now! 



I was hesitant to do Reiki at first because I never truly understood it. I believe in Reiki now because of April. It helped me re-set from the craziness of life. April sessions are great for self care and emotional maintenance. The day after I felt on top of the world

Reiki! What a beautiful life changing experience. It was one of the most peaceful feelings I have ever had in my life. I was never really interested in a holistic approach to health and healing. Now that I have tried Reiki it will be a constant part of my life.Thanks April for opening my eyes as well as my chakras.


“I didn’t know what reiki really was, some kind of energy massage treatment I thought? Man, am I grateful that April was my first experience with the real thing. When she arrived, we talked for a little bit and I learned about her training and background (I’m a reporter, so very curious). I trusted her willingness to share a bit with me about her meditation practice. She set up her reiki table. I was so clueless, I asked, “Do I disrobe under the sheet?” But no, clothes on (and we kept our masks on too). April’s very gentle manner and incredibly light pressure (or sometimes just hovering) touch put me at ease. 

I was going through a lot personally and was very open to any healing modality. This form of energy summoning by turns over the session a balm and a stimulant. I could literally feel a zing at times. At one point I said, “Honestly, I felt like my heart and throat just orgasms.” I also cried gently at one point, sensing an embodied release that is a little beyond

my mind’s logic. This was two weeks ago now. I have felt different ever since, as if my equanimity had been returned to me. 

April urges her clients to listen to their own intuition and follow it. She doesn’t project anything on you. But how beautiful to have a friend and a witness and a healer with you when something so good is happening.

After a session, I felt so rejuvenated and peaceful. April offered guidance and knowledge as to where I was blocked and educated me on the process. I have had Reiki several times before and I must say, This experience was more than I could ever hope for.

I believe April has a true gift for helping others. I strongly recommend her for help in dealing with physical and emotional ailments. At the very least you will feel better than you did before. It is very important to take an inventory of your physical and mental health. April helps you connect from within. Go see her and learn how Reiki can Change your life for the better.




2021 Reiki By April