Reiki By April


    My name is April and I am a Certified Reiki Master, Intuitive Reader, and Zen Meditator. I have spent the last decade creating energetic clearing techniques that can help my clients grow energetically, Intuitively, and spiritually. My mission is to help ignite a spiritual independence movement that supports people to be able to find answers within themselves and to confidently act on those moments of intuition. 


Reiki is a great way to tap into yourself  just a little bit deeper to see if something was missed or needs to be worked on while balancing the energetic system. It can help transform and create openness for the journey your soul is taking in this life. It will give you clarity to see what you truly want and need. 


My vision is to be a conduit and support system for your journey. I do Intuitive readings for my clients to give them that extra support they need to help them confirm their intuitive hits or if they need a little support in general. 

2021 Reiki By April